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    Would you buy a “Haunted” House in Ogden?


    Would it bother you if a home you looked at in the Northern Utah area was reported to be haunted? has posted their results of its Haunted Housing Report.

    The Full Haunted House Report showed:

    1. Consumer thresholds for purchasing haunted houses for sale
    2. Past experiences with spooky homes
    3. Popular “warning signs” of a haunted home
    4. Expected discounts when buying haunted houses for sale
    5. Intolerable scary occurrences.

    Sentiment regarding a haunted home purchase:

    •  26 percent indicated they would consider purchasing a haunted house for sale;
    • 36 percent might consider a haunted home purchase;
    • 38 percent would not consider a haunted home purchase.

    Consumer experiences with haunted real estate:

    •  51 percent heard about someone else’s haunted home experience;
    • 35 percent lived in a home they suspected to be haunted;
    • 25 percent have researched a home’s history to find out any eerie past incidents.

    Most popular warning signs a home could be haunted:

    •  61 percent thought a cemetery on the property could be an indication;
    • 50 percent thought homes over 100 years old could be haunted;
    • 45 percent considered quick transitions in owners could be a sign;
    • 45 percent believe that an unexplainable low price on the home is alarming;
    • 43 percent suspected homes in close proximity to a battlefield could be haunted.

    Of the respondents who would consider purchasing a haunted home, many indicated that they would expect discounts on a property:

    •  12 percent would pay full market value or more for a haunted house for sale;
    • 34 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 1 to 30 percent;
    • 22 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 31 to 50 percent;
    • 19 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 51 percent or more.

    Among the respondents who would contemplate purchasing a haunted home, the following spooky occurrences would scare them away:

    •  75 percent, levitating objects;
    • 63 percent, objects being moved from where they were placed;
    • 63 percent, ghost sightings;
    • 61 percent, supernatural sensations;
    • 61 percent, flickering lights/appliances;
    • 60 percent, strange noises (footsteps, doors slamming);
    • 34 percent, warm or cold spots.

    haunted 2What do you think – would you buy a haunted house in Ogden or charge rent to the existing “tenants”?

    Are the Sellers obligated to disclose any hauntings, murders or suicides? Not in Utah – agents and brokers are not legally bound to disclose these thing – unless it has something with the structural integrity of the home. HOWEVER, if asked, sellers do have to tell the truth. It is always advised for Sellers to disclose anything and everything so there are no scary surprises later.

    It really doesn’t have to be a frightening experience to purchase your home in the Northern Utah area – we take all the scary things out of the buying process! Contact us today and you’ll soon be screaming for joy over your new home!!

    **All information and infographic from News

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