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    Who does your work?

    plumbingWhen preparing to sell a home in the Northern Utah area, there a lot of items most sellers are well aware they need to do: clear the clutter, reconcile any deferred maintenance, keep the yard looking nice for passers-by, etc.

    Sometimes the very thing that sells a house is the least obvious one.

    Sure, it’s important to prep your home physically for sale but that’s far from the only prep work that you should do.

    Consider the following tips for readying your home for sale in the not-so-obvious ways:

    •  Who Does Your Work? A question frequently asked by buyers, especially those who are transitioning from renting into owning, is who does your work? Who cuts your grass, repairs your HVAC unit, cleans your chimney, etc.?
    •  Where are the warranties? A pretty standard part of most sales contracts is that any warranties (say on new appliances, roof, etc.) are to transfer to the buyer at closing. Also be sure to provide the buyer with any handbooks or user guides that came with items that will be staying with the home.
    •   What Do You Pay? When buyers are weighing your property against others more than your spacious master bathroom will come into the discussion. Most buyers are trying to work within a budget, meaning that they’ll want to know as much as possible about the costs of running, living in and maintaining the property that they’re buying ahead of time. Having information such as home owner’s insurance, utilities and other monthly or annual costs of living in the home available to the buyer ahead of time will make your property stand out in the crowd. 
    •  How Do You Maintain? Any regular services that you have such as pest control or especially termite prevention and servicing should be detailed for the buyer. A termite bond in particular is just one more thing that can put your house above others on the market.

    Of course, if you have questions, never hesitate to call. We’ll help you every step of the listing and selling process.

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