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    What are Home Buyers looking for in Davis County?

    Call Spring Bengtzen today!Amazingly, 70% of homebuyers are NOT looking for an elevator in their new home, but according to a recent release of National Association of Home Builders survey, What Home Buyers Really Want, there are many home items buyer ARE looking for in a home.

    The majority of home buyers are looking for larger homes with at least 2,226 square feet or larger with at least 3 bedroom and a minimum of 2.5 bathrooms.

    Buyers also are looking for eat-in kitchens with walk-in pantries and double sinks. Laminate counter tops are a big turn off.

    One in five buyers are looking for a 3+ car garage, and most all want a 2 car garage.

    Many home buyers are “green” wanting Energy-star rated appliances and windows, but do not want to pay any more for them.

    And speaking of what home buyers are willing to pay for ….

    In an a different article on the site written by Samuel Weigley*, took home buyers a bit further showing the percentage of home buyers who would actually be willing to pay for an improvement and the amount they’d be willing to pay for that additional home improvement.

    Granite counter tops

    According to the article, 55% of home buyers who purchased a home without granite counter tops would pay extra if the home would have granite counter tops – approximately $1,620 more.

    Stainless steel appliances

    41% of homeowners would be willing to pay an extra $1,850 for stainless steel appliances. However, there are new colors coming on the market, so it will be interesting to see what that percentage is later.

    Master Bedroom Walk-in Closets

    Another high percentage would pay to have a walk-in closet off the Master Bedroom! The majority of home buyers see this as a “very important” feature when buying their next home. Not only is it a great place to store your clothes, but it is becoming a status symbol.

    Now, just because your home may not have any of these amenities, don’t despair, I have many buyers with many different and varying needs, wishes and wants. Contact us today and talk with us how we can sell your home in today’s real estate market in the Davis County area.

    *to read the full wsj article, click here or follow Samuel Weigley on

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