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    What a Seller needs to know for a home inspection in the Northern Utah Area

    If your home in the Ogden area is scheduled to be inspected, how on earth do you prepare for it?

    inspection1.    The home should be as clean as when the buyers first looked at the home.

    2.    Make sure all the light bulbs are all working throughout the house.

    3. Make sure all accesses to the attic, crawl space or basement are clear. It’s easy to overlook, leaving boxes to be moved by the inspector. Especially if the attic access is in a closet.

    4. If there is a septic or well? Leave a sketch of them on the counter.

    5. If there are any appliances staying in the house, make sure they are empty. Appliances will be run to make sure they work. Do not stuff things in the oven – the oven will be turned on before anyone looks in there. Generally they peek in the oven when smoke starts pouring out …. Not a great way to check the smoke alarms.

    bathroom6. Clear clutter from under the sinks – even if you have to put your items in boxes for the time being. It’s best to give the home inspector clear view.

    7. Don’t have anything covering your furnace or water heater. You shouldn’t anyway, but best to make sure they have easy access.

    8. Don’t hide ANYTHING that’s not working!! Don’t paint over anything to hide evidence. Inspectors are professionals and will call you on it. Even if you unintentionally painted or hid something, it still makes your actions look suspicious.

    9. Also, let the buyer/s and inspectors go through the house themselves. Wait for your agent to give you the repair list, if there is one before speaking with anyone.

    10. Also, if you are approached by either the inspector or buyer before or after the inspection, wait to discuss anything with your agent and let them know they will need to go through your agent.

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