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    • Using the Internet: How Websites Can Harm Your Next Real Estate Transaction!

    Using the Internet: How Websites Can Harm Your Next Real Estate Transaction!

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    How Can the Internet Affect Buyers and Sellers

    Today I wanted to talk to you about the internet and the home buying and selling process. Statistics show that over 90% of consumers go to the web when they’re searching for homes or looking to sell their home. Many sellers visit websites like Zillow and Trulia to find out what their home’s value is. However, since Utah is a “Close Disclosure” state which means that the information these websites are getting is not entirely accurate. For example, last week I had client call me about selling their home and his estimate was over $100,000 higher than what their home’s value was!

    As for buyers, the problem with those websites is that the homes they are viewing are not always on the market; this could be because either the homes have sold or the seller has decided to take the home off the market. This causes the buyers to look at homes that aren’t necessarily available for purchase. To avoid these problems our team has a fantastic website,, which is updated every 60 minutes with inventory, great mapping and excellent photography.

    If you’re looking to buy a home, sign up for a free account our website! You will be able to utilize our great tools and features to help you with your purchase. If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact us for an in-depth free market analysis. Simply calls us at (801) 745-0745 or reply back to this email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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