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    Take a Bear Lake “Staycation” – Budget & family friendly

    Bear Lake Utah Staycation

    Finding out what’s in a neighboring town can be a way to create long lasting memories. Here’s a look at Bear Lake for a staycation idea for a family of four.

    Bear Lake: Nestled in Logan is one of the largest lakes found in the western United States. Bear Lake is also home to Raspberry Days, celebrating its world famous berry.  At Bear Lake Pizza Co. these berries can be found on their raspberry cream cheese desert pizza for as low as $6.99. Enjoy various pizza choices at Bear Lake Pizza Co. for $40.

    Or enjoy Bear Lake Trapper Stake House for $60. Their menu offers choices from steaks to salmon.

    Bear Lake recreation: There are various boat and water toy rentals found at Bear Lake to take advantage of.  Paddleboats can be rented for $30.  Or if exploring the land around Bear Lake is appealing try horseback riding for $140.

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