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Should you buy a home in Northern Utah without being married?


Did you get engaged over Christmas? Living together and want to make a permanent home? Whatever the situation, you may be thinking of another landmark decision – buying a home together.

A recent survey on home buyers reported 25% of couples between the ages of 18 and 35 are purchasing homes before they get married.

Of these new home buyers, many said the home purchase strengthened their relationship and were planning on getting married anyway.

Now as great as this may be for some home buyers, there are some things both unmarried buyers may want to consider before either one is carried over the threshold into their new home.

The big one is – what happens to the home if you break up? This isn’t something you want to even bring up at this point, however, you have two names on the title and two names on the mortgage. Splitting the property can get pretty messy, if you’re not married.

If you aren’t married, how do you take title? Join tenants or Tenant in Common? If you’re not married and/or do not have a will, what happens to the home if either home owner passes away before the wedding?

Is there any outstanding debt that could encumber the title of the new home once it’s purchased?

Purchasing a home without being married may need to be more like a business agreement – it isn’t romantic, but may save you one years of anguish or give you years of bliss. Married couples have actual laws to protect their assets. Unmarried couples do not. You may really want to contact your attorneys before putting in an offer to find out what your options are or aren’t.

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