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Refinishing Cabinets? Latex Paint vs. Chalk Paint:

Kitchen Island Cabinets Latex or Chalk Paint
Kitchen Island Cabinets Latex or Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint vs. Latex Paint

Some of the pros and cons of two types of paint for cabinets:



– Latex paint comes in a variety of finishes, so you can easily achieve the sheen level you want, simply by selecting that finish.

– Latex also comes in an amazing variety of colors, so if you have colorful taste and want a bold statement on your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider latex, as you can get it in almost any color, or even have a color mixed to match a specific color.

– A semi-gloss finish on cabinets will be easy to wipe clean and will not stain or hold onto grime as chalk painted cabinets may do


– Latex paint has a significantly longer dry time between coats. (at least 24 hours in-between coats)

– Latex also needs a perfectly smooth and cleaned surface to get good adhesion.  This means lots and lots of sanding, cleaning and priming, before you can paint.



– In general, chalk paint requires almost no preparation, and really just needs a clean surface to adhere to. Also chalk paint doesn’t require primer in most instances.

– Chalk paint has super fast drying time, usually about an hour.

– Chalk paint sadness really well.  You can get the smoothest, finish by sanding.

– apply a wax topcoat for a perfect matte sheen


– Chalk paint tends to chip easily, which is why people love it for a distressed look.

– When you sand chalk paint, the super fine dust that results gets everywhere.

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