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Ready for Some Ghoulish fun??

halloween 2Halloween is next Friday – are you ready for the hordes of trick or treaters coming to your door?

You may want to check and see if your entry is safe for the little beggars….


Make sure the way to your porch and your porch are well lit. This could prevent little ghostly feet from tripping and falling.

Use the highest wattage bulb for your outdoor lighting and add landscape lights every few feet along your front walk. Solar power lights work well for this.

Clear the way

Children dressed in their Halloween finest and possibly already on their way to a sugar high, are not looking where they are walking (or running). Clear the way of any potted mums, jack-o-lanterns or other decorations. These things are great, but make sure groups of goblins have other things on their minds than watching where they are going.


There are neat lighting for jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween decorations. Please don’t use candles. A child may knock the candle over setting something ablaze, or worse yet their costume may catch on fire. You certainly wouldn’t want either of these things to happen, so stick with lights.

Keep your property safe

As you’re busy at the front door, keep your other entries to your house secure. This is a spooky night and you sure don’t want to caught off guard by an intruder or vandal, keep the other areas locked and lit.

You may want to install a motion light. Not only would it be handy on all Hallows Eve, but could come in handy year round.

Unfortunately, the night of fun and merriment can turn tragic. In their excitement, children often dash in the street between parked cars. Why not talk to your neighbors and have all the cars off the streets?

The City of Ogden has more safety tips – click here for more!


witchstockHowever, if you want to start Halloween Fun a little early; this Saturday, October 25th is Witchstock at the Ogden Amphitheater starting with the tea party at 4:00 pm. The tea party is a plated luncheon with tea and live entertainment. The witches fashion show, costume contest and meal are all included in the ticket price. All ages are welcome. Adult beverages will be available for a separate purchase, with ID.

The annual Zombie Crawl will be setting up just outside the amphitheater walls. Witches can partake in the crawl as one of the zombie protestors (or maybe a quick costume change is in order) or play for a bit at the Vaudeville style carnival in the amphitheater round.

The “Monster Bash” dance party. Wear any costume you like and dance under the full moon. We’ll have food and drinks available for purchase. The monster bash is an all-out dance party with music, a DJ, and Voodoo Productions walking performers: snake charmers, LED hula hoop dancers and more.

The carnival will be open during the Zombie Crawl and Monster Bash – a collection of Vaudeville style haunts and trickery. Live art displays, creepy collections, magicians and more. Vendors will peddle their witchy wares so come prepared for an enchantment or two.

The other events for the evening are free and open to the public. Zombies, please bring a canned food donation to the crawl, all items will be donated to St. Anne’s Shelter. Follow along on Facebook for more information about zombie etiquette, makeup tips and more.

Witchstock is funded, in part, through a RAMP grant. Learn more about the Weber County RAMP tax.

Ogden Amphitheater
for map, click here – 343 E. 2500 SOgden, Utah 84401

**All information is from the Historic 25 – please click HERE for more details.

happy halloween

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