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    Ogden City Pet Ordinances

    Whether you have lived in the Ogden area for a quite a while or a little while; if you have a pet, you want to make sure you comply with Ogden’s pet ordinances.

    Ogden has leash laws. According to Ordinance 13-2-6:A all pets in public areas MUST be humanely restrained. Dogs must especially be leashed in ALL public areas unless the dogs are at Ogden’s new Dog Park.

    running puppyOgden’s Dog Park, 2450 A Avenue, Ogden, is 1.75 acres with both natural and grassy areas for both large and small dogs. It is completely fenced so it gives area dogs a great place to run and play – and socialize without being on leash.

    The dog park also has an agility course with obstacles and several watering stations for all dog sizes. Ogden’s dog park is a great way to give your dogs freedom to run and be dogs. You may also get more information by contacting Ogden City Animal Services at 801-629-8244 or Ogden City Public Ways and Parks at 801-629-8271.

    Pets must be licensed every year in Ogden. A rabies vaccination must accompany the license and does not replace the annual license of the animal. There are very convenient ways to license your pet in Ogden by:

    Animal bites will not be tolerated in Ogden City, so if you are bitten by a domesticated or wild animal within the city limits, you must dial 9-1-1 for medical assistance and then notify Ogden City Animal Control .

    No matter how much to keep an eye on your pet, it can get away. Unfortunately, collars with your pet identification can get torn off and your pet is running around Ogden without any way to tell who’s pet it is. Mico-chipping your pet is highly encouraged and there are many local places to have your pet micro-chipped.

    If you pet does escape, Weber County does have a county-wide animal shelter located at 1373 No. 750 W. Contact them at 801-399-8244 for more information – or to adopt a new little family member!

    Neutering is highly encouraged which can be done at any of our fine veterinary offices or also by:

    If you have any feral cats, raccoons and/or skunks giving you problems, the Weber County Animal Services , Utah  or Utah Division of Wildlife Service  will help you remove them.

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