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    Keep your drugs safe during open houses

    open houseA recent article in the REALTOR® Magazine about the number of prescriptions stolen during Open Houses got me thinking about a safety issue when you have your home listed – your family’s medications.

    Though we screen every potential buyer we take through your Northern Utah home and walk with them every step we take, there still are Open Houses and other showings of your home. As careful as we and other agents are, precautions are still needed.

    Prescription drug thieves actually target open houses and many times travel in pairs. One of them acts as a decoy and the other travels around the house scouring to find prescription drugs. Generally they are on the lookout for controlled substances like anti-anxiety drugs, drugs for ADHD/ADD, pain killers & muscle relaxers and other psychiatric drugs.

    prescription drugsJust to be on the safe side – Before a showing or open house, remove all medications and prescription drugs from the bathroom or other places you store them. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence recommends taking your medications with you.

    Also, make sure all valuables are hidden – jewelry, expensive items and any small valued item that can be dropped in a pocket.

    There may be a Drug Take Back Day coming up in April – we will let you know the details when we find out more.

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