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    Keep your drugs safe during open houses

    open houseLast year we wrote a blog post about keeping drugs safe during Open Houses and agent safety. However, thefts during Open Houses and showings still tend to be a problem. According to a recent REALTOR® Magazine (and an ABC News report) a woman in Maryland had stolen more than $82,000 worth of jewelry from 12 luxury homes during open houses.

    According to ABC News, “Ramon Korionoff of the State’s Attorney’s Office says the case resonated widely because ‘anyone who has had to sell their home or property has a visceral reaction to this kind of crime.’”

    Though we screen every potential buyer we take through your Northern Utah home and walk with them every step we take, Open Houses and other showings of your home may create a situation for theft. As careful as we and other agents are, precautions are still needed.

    According to REALTOR ® Magazine, “Before sellers leave the house for a showing, they need to be responsible for walking through the house and making sure everything of value is out of sight.”

    prescription drugsIn addition to personal property theft, prescription drug thieves actually target open houses and many times travel in pairs. One of them acts as a decoy and the other travels around the house scouring to find prescription drugs. Generally they are on the lookout for controlled substances like anti-anxiety drugs, drugs for ADHD/ADD, pain killers & muscle relaxers and other psychiatric drugs.

    Please take your medications with you or lock them up.

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