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Is Sand Driving You Crazy?

sandWhether you’ve just been to the beach, the local playground or backyard sandbox, the one thing you’ll discover – sand will be tracked into the house. And lots of it.

While you may never be able to eliminate every grain of sand, there are ways to keep it at bay ….

Take your shoes off! This will become your mantra if you have kids running around. It is amazing how much sand is tracked in from the bottom of our shoes. Mats right inside and outside the doors help, especially if they’re bristly type of mat. These seem to trap the sand better. Be sure to shake mats and rugs often so the sand doesn’t build up.

Hose off.  A spray garden hose right outside the door eliminates sand being brought in after a fun day at the playground. If you’re camping by a beach, a portable camping shower also works well – these are generally around $100 and a pop up privacy tent is about the same price. Quite the bargain to keep from walking on sand in your camper or tent.

Mesh bags.  Enclosed bags made of cloth and vinyl allows sand to sink to the bottom – generally it’s wet sand. A mesh bag allows the sand to sift through.

Cornstarch Pouches. Have an old flannel shirt? Put cornstarch in a flannel pouch (made from the pockets – go figure) and wipe the sand away! Easy!

Have pets? Good luck. Do you have any ways to make them sand-free?

Having a problem of sand during the summer time is still better than not having a problem with snow.

If you’re looking for a home with or without a sandbox, give us a call. There are many great homes available in the Northern Utah area!!

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