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How to Maximize Your Home’s Online Exposure To Attract Today’s Tech-Savvy Buyers

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Have you been in the market to purchase a big-ticket item lately? In the last 5, 10 or even 15 years? What’s the first thing you tend to do? Well if you’re like most consumers, chances are you will turn to the Internet for a first look at the options, prices, features and more information.

The same holds true for vehicle purchases and even more so during the purchase of a home. In fact, in more recent times the number of home buyers that engage in some sort of online activity for weeks, even months, before getting in touch with a real estate agent has skyrocketed. With over 90% of buyers searching online to short list their favorites, you cannot afford not to have the best online presentation of your home. Here are four tips on how you can ensure the highest level of online exposure when selling your home:

Present a De-Cluttered Space That Make Buyers Want to See More

Yes, less really is more in this case. By showing off the home for it’s solid structure, strong architecture, physical features and other amenities – you will attract more attention. Think “magazine layout” when you are setting up your home for sale. The furniture should be set up in a comfortable yet neutral way, allowing buyers to truly visualize living in the space. Nothing is more unflattering and difficult to see through for a buyer than too many personal belongings – and too much stuff in general.

Choose a Professional to Capture The Essence of Your Home

We’ve all seen them; the listings where it was obvious whoever took the photos used their iPhone and clumsily uploaded them to the site. But if you want to stand out and actually reach out to grab potential buyers, then it is essential to use a professional photographer. They know how to highlight the features of the space, use light to your home’s best advantage and create imagery that makes buyers want to find out more.

Utilize the Highest Level of Technology

Buyers are spending time online so that they can enjoy the process from the comfort of their own home. To make sure they have the most enjoyable online experience, use video to all but bring them right into the space. There’s a difference between a slide show of the same photographs available online versus an actual virtual tour. A tour allows prospective buyers to experience the home as if walking through it. It’s also a great way to share more information to others via email or on social media sites.

Reach Out to Anyone and Everyone Possible

Part of the convenience of the Internet is the ability to access information for just about any area desired. But it’s important to have presence on all corners of the net through syndicated websites. One of the most effective tools for selling a home successfully with a strong online presence is to gain maximum online exposure through numerous syndicated property and home websites. 


We, at the Spring Bengtzen Realty Group, understand the importance of standing out when you are selling your home – particularly in today’s competitive selling marketplace. That’s why we engage in the use of premium marketing avenues to promote your home. Our high-end videos, professional photography, extensive website syndication and more – will not only make your home stand out in the crowd, it will make it shine! We invite you to contact us today for all your real estate endeavors. Thanks – and Happy New Year!

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