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    How To Make Your Home Look Like a Model

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    Have you ever noticed how model homes are styled to perfection? Well it does not take as much work to achieve that as you may think. The truth is that with just a few minor changes and a couple time-consuming tasks you probably ought to have done anyway – you can present your home in its best light ever. And in today’s extremely competitive selling market, you can’t afford to show anything less than perfect to potential buyers.

    Here are six things that you can do to jazz up your space, liven up your rooms and make it warm and enticing to anyone that comes to see your home. You’ll find these easy, entirely affordable and innovative moves will be one the greatest keys to success in selling your home!

    Call the Professionals

    Professional cleaners can make a home shine in no time and when all is said and done you’re left with spotless kitchens, shiny appliances and fixtures, sparkling bathrooms plus an overall comfort that comes from clean. When a potential buyer walks in – you want them to stay long enough to experience all the great features of the property. Spending a couple hundred dollars to have your place deep cleaned professionally is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that!

    Entice and Invite With Warmth

    Set the mood in the home with things like candles or place settings, perfect neatly made beds and fluffed up inviting pillows on the sofa. You want the home to be warm and inviting so that prospective buyers walk through wanting to move in the next day. This is a great way to pull buyers in and keep them interested to the point of ultimately falling in love with the home.

    De-Clutter, Purge and Clear Up

    Consider how much clutter is clogging up the space. Unless buyers can see exactly what the home has to offer, they will likely walk away uninterested. Clear up closet spaces, show the property’s amenities and features by highlighting main living areas with just enough décor and furnishing without being overbearing.

    Heed Your Sense of Smell

    Take measures to make your home smell fresh and as new as possible. Particularly for homeowners with pets or young children – you want to bring in a clean smell without an overpowering sense of sweetness. Many people are turned off by certain smells so just like you might expect a new car to have that “new car smell”, try to get your home smelling as “new” as possible.

    Break Out of Yesteryear

    Be sure to display modern, trendy and updated décor and/or furniture items if possible. The easiest way to learn of the latest trends is to browse some of the most recent interior design magazines to gauge the “in” colors of the season. A great way to add pops of colors is by incorporating inexpensive accessories like pillows, vases or even fresh flowers. Candlesticks, a good coffee table book or simple display pieces also are eye-catching and contribute to a home’s overall appeal.

    Don’t Display “Too Much Information”

    Remove excess personal artifacts from the space so that buyers can envision themselves in the home. Too many family photographs, a calendar or personal notes on the fridge, a messy mudroom, all these things are distracting to a buyer and get in the way of him or her being able to visualize living there. Another item to remove before showing your home is faux greenery. Smaller, simple bunches of florals work much better to capture the essence of nature within the space without creating dust collectors in the process.


    All these tips are general in nature but if you’d like a customized consultation with a walkthrough of your space and specific suggestions on how to best display your home, contact us today!

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