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    How do you get rid of all these leaves in Northern Utah?

    leavesEver wonder where the term “Fall” comes from? It literally comes from the Middle English expressions “fall of the leaf”.  While the turning of the leaves in Northern Utah is spectacular, it only means one thing …. Leaves will fall. And generally all in your yard. What do you do with all these leaves and branches you’ll be raking up soon?

    Open Burning is an option, but you do need a permit in order to burn your yard waste. However, there are other ways to dispose of all your leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste.

    Below are just a few disposal sites in the area:

    Green Waste Disposal Site for the City of Ogden

    The Green Waste Disposal Site  is a service provided to Ogden City residents only. Permitted natural waste accepted includes brush, leaves, grass and small tree branches. Roots, stumps, sod and dirt are not accepted.

    Items Accepted:

    • Bushes, Leaves, Grass, Branches (6’ or shorter, 24” or less in diameter)
    • *Please remember all loads must be covered ($10 fee for uncovered loads)

    Items Not Accepted:

    • Roots, Stumps, Sod or Dirt

    Items Available for Purchase:

    • Compost—$15.00 per yard, $3.00 per bag
    • Rock Chips—$5.00 per yard
    • Wood Chips (fine and large) – $10.00 per yard
    • Firewood Split—$80.00 per cord, $3.00 per bundle
    • Firewood Cut – $60.00 per cord
    • Mulch—$7.00 per yard

    Green Waste Pick Up for the City of North Ogden

    According to their website, the Cityof North Ogden has scheduled the fall Green Waste Pick Up for October 27th – 31st, 2014; collection will be on your regular garbage day. The volume of material may, however, delay collection. The regulations mentioned below must be followed when placing material out for collection. All materials must be in bags, boxes or containers. Bush clippings and small tree limbs must be bundled and no longer than 5 feet in length. Weight limit is 75 pounds. Place materials in parkways, not in curb or waterways. This is a Green Waste Clean Up Only.

    We appreciate citizen participation and encourage your use of the compost facility. For that reason the compost facility will be open for your use at NO CHARGE the entire clean-up week (Monday –Friday) from 8am to 4:30pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

    If you have questions contact the City Shop at 782-8111, or email

    Tree Trimming in North Ogden

    The Public Works Department and City Forester would like to draw your attention to the trees in your yard that overhang the curb and gutter. They ask you trim those to a minimum height of nine feet (9’) above the curb and gutter and eliminate overhang onto the roadway.

    Beginning in October, North Ogden City employees will be around the city trimming those trees that have not been trimmed. The trimming done by the City will be for functionality and may not be esthetically pleasing.

    Residents are asked to comply with the requested trimmings for the best results.

    The green waste facility is open for the disposal of your trimmings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. Pick up a punch pass at the City office during business hours.

    • City Code 11-8D-5-A2: “Landscaping materials shall be contained so as not to spill into the public right of way.”
    • City Code 11-8D-5-A3: “…trees in the park strip shall have a minimum height of seven feet (7’) for the lowest branches of the tree when they extend above the curb or sidewalk.”
    • City Code 11-8D-5-A4: “Any damage to city property created by vegetation will be the responsibility of the property owner.”
    • City Code 11-10-11-A: “…no fence, hedge, or other similar structure shall be erected in any required front yard of a lot to a height in excess of three and one-half feet (3.5’)

    South Ogden Yard Waste Disposal

    Green waste for South Ogden,such as leaves and grass clippings are accepted at the Transfer station. Prefer it to be taken to the compost recycling centers listed below.

    Provo Facility –1625 South Industrial Parkway Provo, Utah (on top of the old landfill)

    Spanish Fork –1100 East Expressway Lane Spanish Fork, Utah

    Brush and stumps – These items are accepted at the Transfer Station as construction waste.

    Bountiful Yard Waste Disposal


    A $3 minimum fee for Bountiful residents hauling garbage or trash generated in their home or yard.  Please bring proof of residency to use the Landfill


     $3 per pick up load

    *A non-resident is a person who resides in one of the following cities: 

    North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, West Bountiful and Centerville.  Please bring proof of residency to use the Landfill.  Only GREEN WASTE will be accepted from Non-Residents.

    fall treesFall is not only beautiful in Northern Utah, it is a great time to find your new home! And we love Northern Utah! And we’re passionate about the real estate market here. We want to provide you with the best local content and additional professional services, if and when your situation requires it. Our goal is to be helpful, not a nuisance. There is no obligation required from you. We look forward to earning your trust and respect through our ‘on-call’ level of service and our extensive local knowledge.

    Call us today to get started!! You’ll soon have your own yard to rake!!

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