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Giving Back Just Got A WHOLE Lot Cooler in Northern Utah!!

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 Here are a few ideas to get you going ….

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Best Friends- for more info go to: org/Get-Involved/Volunteer
Humane Society of Utah- for more info go to: 

  1. Next time you’re baking for a family or work event, consider doubling your batch and bringing the extras to a local police station, veteran club, senior home or soup You’re already baking your specialty, and there are plenty of places that will appreciate your skills!
  2. Become a Senior Angel – Senior Centers will almost always take volunteers, and sometimes you don’t have to do anything other than say hello and listen to some pretty cool stories. But you can also read, play cards, dance, run an art class, give residents manicures … whatever!
  3. Write a family email to a soldier- It will only take a few minutes, and it will bring joy to men and women who are far from home. Send your message today.
  4. Create greeting cards- Make greeting cards to deliver to ill children in need of some cheering up this holiday
  5. Give to a local food bank- You can donate a few of the canned goods you currently have in your pantry. With the recent economic crisis, food banks aren’t being given as much from donors and more people are needing to be Contact your local food bank today to find out how you can donate or visit
  6. Donate books- If you have books that have not been read in over a year, chances are you are not going to ever read them Give them away! Donate your used books to libraries, schools, or shelters so someone else can enjoy them like you once did.
  7. Enter your zip code on org to get a list of volunteer opportunities.
  8. Team up with a friend and find a local Meals on Wheels program.
  9. Shovel Snow for a neighbor.

  ** Be sure to post a picture of your secret Santa mission on our Facebook page with the hashtag #secretsanta and together we can inspire a movement!


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