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    Fall maintenance checklist for your Northern Utah home

    Northern Utah snowIt’s November in the Ogden area!  It’s time to get out the honey-do list and get your home ready for the real snow and cold of winter. Especially if your home is listed on the local market, you will not want to put these off for the new owner.

    Here are a few things you may want to check off before it gets really snowy.


    • Disconnect and put away any garden hoses.
    • Drain out any water from your outside faucets, unless the faucets are “frost free”.
    • Drain your lawn sprinkler system and then blow out with compressed air.
    • Empty and drain any exterior fountains.


    • Clean soffit vents under the roof overhangs.
    • Check roof vents for bird and wasp nests.
    • Clean gutters.
    • Re-direct downspouts or sump pumps to drain to the ground surface if have been moved around by months of mowing.


    • Have your furnace professionally inspected and tuned up every fall.
    • Replace the batteries in your thermostat.
    • Clean or replace the furnace filter – depending on the type of filter, this should usually be done every one to three months.  Arrows on the filter should point toward the furnace. (Your house becomes REALLY dusty if pointed in the other direction.)

    Air Conditioner

    • Air conditional covers should only be the type that only covers the top, not a full enclosure.
    • Do not cover heat pumps.

    Exhaust Dampers

    • Check the lint in the clothes dryer vent making sure it lint-free and free flowing.
    • Check all exhaust dampers for wasp or bird nests.

    General Exterior

    • Replace any damaged or worn weather stripping around windows and doors.


    • Have your fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

    If you’re going to be away from your home for any length of time you’ll really want to follow these helpful tips:

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